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summer ´10...

10th A, krems, lange einkaufsnacht
11th A, vienna, währinger strassenfest
21st D, ludwigsburg, strassenmusikfestival

22nd D, ludwigsburg, strassenmusikfestival
23rd D, ludwigsburg strassenmusikfestival
28th A, kautzen
tree of life festival
29th A,kautzen
tree of life festival
30th A, kautzen
tree of life festival


2nd till
8th UK tour

12th A vienna, meidlinger grätzelspektakel
15th A, baden, kinderfest dobblhofpark
17h A, baden, lange einkaufsnacht
18th A, mödlin , brühlerstrassenfest
19th A, mödling, brühlerstrassenfest
23rd A, vienna, parkfest
25th A, steyr, stadtfest
26th A, bad schallerbach, gauklerfest


1st, PL, bydgoszcz, buskersfestival
2nd, PL, bydgoszcz, buskersfestival

3rd, PL, bydgoszcz, buskersfestival
17th, D, münster zookünstler
18th, D, münster
25th A, vöcklamarkt
heisses pflaster


7th A, neusiedl/see, stadtfest
10th-2th, tour B, UK, F
29th D, bräunlingen


3rd I,
martesana in piazza
5th I, staranzano busker festival
19th D, schweinfurt
25th A tba


oct ´10: méxico - int.festival callejero del cleta - option
feb ´11: spark circus project thailand

more dates tba


since 2004, i´m working in the field eventmanagement/ eventorganisation.
i speciallized in the planning and coordination of small events and festivals, which carry out a positive message.

i´m organising events such as
busker/streetartfestivals, folkfestivals or social-cultural events.

together with my team i offer these services:
event budget planning and management . venue search & selection . advertisment/invitations . delegate management . accomodation and registration . ground logistics and transport . entertainment/ live acts . decoration/ design . catering . on site coordination . past event evaluation ...


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